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Republican Convention Breakdown

I saw a headline today that noted that House Republicans were mostly persona non grata at the GOP convention in Tampa. Their own party wants them to keep a low profile. The reason is that the House of Representatives is unpopular nationally–and how could it not be, given the large number of GOP crackpots who are among its members. As someone joked on a newspaper forum, if the Republicans could just hide EVERYONE, they would have a very successful convention! That is precisely the problem: The Republican party is essentially dominated by wacky fringe elements nowadays–christian fundamentalists, nihilistic no-government libertarians, racist rednecks, cranky old white people/tea partiers, and the greedy well-to-do like Romney. It’s not exactly a party for just plain folks–but rather folks who are strangely proud of, and eager to display, their most disreputable, unkindly qualities. In that sense they remind me of teens who don’t mind being called ignorant so long as they can indulge their most rebellious instincts. We will see what independent voters think of this new and rather frightening breed of conservative in early November.

Really, if the economy were in better shape, President Obama would easily be reelected–and yes, that applies to just about any incumbent president. We have all suffered through a dire four-year recession, and yet the President has strong chance of winning. I think most Americans, deep down, think the Mr. Obama has done a pretty solid job, though there are still plenty of racists who will never like him because he’s black. The President is also benefiting from the fact that his opponent, Mitt Romney, is not ver likable–little more than a superficially ambitious rich guy who will say or do anything to win the presidency. Not exactly a leader of men, which is why I think the President will win a second term.


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